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    Thumbs up Great Place For Plastic Drums In San Diego! Great Prices Too!

    Hi everybody, I just wanted to let everyone in the San Diego area know about a great place to get plastic shipping drums for use as water reservoirs and tea brewers. Here's the name & address.

    Pacific Export
    6088 Federal Blvd.
    San Diego, CA 92114
    (619) 263-5667

    They have 55 gallon food grade drums in several different colors. Some have lids with locking metal rings. Some have screw on lids. They range in price from $15-$30. If you buy two or more of the same you get a deal.

    plastic drum pic 1.JPG

    plastic drum pic 2.jpg

    They also have 220 gallon food grade plastic containers for $130. These things are huge!

    large plastic container pic.JPG

    I went with two of the blue drums with black lids and locking metal rings. They're $25 each if you buy two or more. Thankfully, they just barely fit into the back of my car.

    plastic drums loaded up.JPG

    Here they are filled up with water. I feel like jumping in.

    plastic drums filled.JPG

    So, if you're in the San Diego area and need plastic drums, look no further. The blue ones that I got are at least $50 a piece at a nursery or even more at a hydro store. I can't wait to put these babies to use!
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